Your Trinity Onsite Manager will save you time and money and be accountable for:


Workforce management

Workforce Management

  • Manage the hiring processes

  • Conduct orientation sessions

  • Communicate with all employees on a daily basis
  • Recognize employees for quality performance
  • Manage employee performance issues
  • Conduct all employee training
  • Generate onsite reports
  • Manage all onsite retention initiatives
  • Conduct exit interviews

Retention programs

Trinity Staffing Services believes that a quality work environment leads to quality work. Our Onsite Supervisor can help you implement the following retention programs:

  • Quality benefits package
  • Group activities rewarding team attendance
  • Recognition certificates for attendance, professional development, and transition to permanent employee
  • Recognition of employee birthdays
  • Onsite bulletin board with seasonal information, employee and family highlights, and more

Onsite reporting

Our Onsite Supervisor generates detailed reports at scheduled intervals. Trinity will produce ad-hoc reports based upon request. Standard reports include:

  • Attendance Tracking Report
  • One-Year Employment Report
  • Weekly Employee Placement Report
  • Monthly Turnover Report
  • Cumulative Turnover Report