Personality Tests and Your Next Job

Today, when looking for a job, you need to network, hone your resume and cover letter to perfection, prepare for an interview, and possibly be ready to take a few tests.


To find out more about job applicants, employers more and more are relying on assessments such as personality tests, cognitive ability evaluations, and other types of skill assessments.

According to a research firm, more than half of the companies in the United States are now using some type of evaluation tool in the hiring process.

For employers these tests are an inexpensive way to determine if the applicant would be a good fit for the company, because if the person does not work out, it can be an expensive mistake. Employee turnover costs companies a lot of money. They have to go through the hiring process, and then once the person is hired, there is training involved. Plus, when an employee leaves, there is the turmoil that is created within the company, as processes and procedures are changed as other employees are tasked with taking over some of the duties of the person who left.

So, these assessments are a way to get a better idea of who the job applicants are, to find out more information than employers  may be able to get from just a resume and an interview.

But these tests have drawbacks as well. As with any psychological evaluation instrument, it takes someone with a certain amount of expertise to interpret the tests properly, expertise hiring managers seldom have. Another problem involves the desires of the hiring managers themselves. The kind of personality traits they are looking for may be entirely subjective. They may just be relying on their intuition about the kind of person who would fit in their department. Or they may not be clear in their own minds about the kind of person who would be the best fit.

Take a Personality Test 

Many companies, aware of the drawbacks of instruments like personality tests, use them as only one piece of the puzzle in reviewing an applicant. This is especially true for higher level jobs like executive positions, where there are many factors to consider in making a hiring decision. Often, the results of personality tests are considered only after the list of candidates has been narrowed down to a short one, and it is weighed along with all of the other information about the applicant, not used as the sole deciding factor.

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