What is Holding You Back?

Everyone naturally wants to perform their best at work. But sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to performance. We do things that are counterproductive. We get in our own way. It could be because we have picked up some bad habits, or because we haven’t learned the best way to do things. Here are some things to keep in mind to improve your performance.

1. Going back to basics.
Sometimes we forget the basics of our field we may have learned a while ago. We have gotten away from the solid fundamentals that are necessary for top performance. That may be why you are struggling more than necessary. Don’t feel embarrassed to go back and review things you learned earlier in your career.

A sports metaphor might help to put the situation in perspective. After a loss, a professional football coach said his team needed to get back to basics, because they were not executing the fundamentals of the game, blocking and tackling, as they should. So, even the best must from time to time refresh their knowledge of fundamentals.

2. Slowing down.
Many times when someone is assigned a new project, they jump right into it and bulldoze their way as quickly as possible, trying to maintain good time management. If this is something you are prone to, you need to slow down a little. Take some time at the start to determine exactly what is required, and what is the best way to approach your task.


3. Focusing
Everyone loses time during the day because of distractions. It is important to learn good time management, and there is plenty of information available to help you improve your time management.

To learn how to focus better, however, it is necessary to practice. That means clearing your schedule and your mind so that you can concentrate solely on your work. It means thinking about where you are at on your projects so you are thinking also about what comes next.

4. Controlling your emotions.
From time to time, you are going to get frustrated. Things don’t go as planned, the work is more complicated than expected; people are not cooperative. There are plenty of causes for frustration. We get angry, and without an outlet, it continues to build.

For this reason, it is important to learn to control your emotions, to remain calm and poised under pressure. There are also things you can do to relieve the stress, such as taking a quick walk, deep breathing, chewing gum, even drinking tea.

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