How to Improve Employee Performance

You have an employee who is not performing up to expectations. It could be a relatively newer employee who never seemed to hit his stride, or even someone who has been with the company for a number of years and whose performance has declined. Whatever the case, he or she needs to improve.


The first impulse here might be to do some type of performance review, outlining the person’s failures and emphasizing the need to improve, attached to a warning that his job is at stake. It is a process that could ultimately end in termination. Before taking this route, however, a better course of action would be to help the employee turn his or her performance around. Here are a few steps to take to do just that.

1. Examine the person’s motivation.
We all have different factors that drive us in our work, and they can be as varied as we are. These drivers may depend on a person’s background, personality, or age. Different people are motivated by different things. It could be that the person is not receiving the right type of motivation.


2. Show the person’s contribution
Often, a person’s motivation flags because they don’t see how their particular job contributes of the overall goals and mission of the company. The person does not see the importance of his or her job. If the person is able to see how and why his job matters to the mission of the company, it may give them the impetus to perform better.

3. Have expectations that are unambiguous.
The employee needs to know exactly what is expected of him or her, so he knows what kind of standards he must meet. The expectations must be clear. And the employee should also receive abundant feedback on his performance.

Moreover, the supervisor needs to help the employee with steps he can take to improve his performance.

4. Give the person what he needs
An assessment of the problem should include an evaluation of whether the person has the proper training and skills needed to meet performance expectations, as well as any other necessary resources. If he or she does not, the employer should provide them.

5. Reassess company incentives
How does the company encourage good performance? Does it routinely give bonuses to people who underperform? Do managers show their appreciation to employees who do a good job? These are all things to look at to encourage employees to give their best.

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