How to be a Good Boss


A good supervisor is someone who keeps the lines of communication open with his or her workers. The supervisor is always available to talk to. He makes time when workers need to see him. He also takes a genuine interest in his workers.

A good supervisor is looking to create an environment where his workers can be most productive. Toward that end, he or she looks for feedback from employees to find out what they need to better be able to do their jobs. A good supervisor spends as much time listening as he does talking.

In order to set the right environment, a good supervisor sets up clear goals and expectations for his workers. But he also encourages their input about the goals and how to achieve them.

An effective supervisor is ready and willing to offer praise when employees deserve it. Giving praise boosts morale and productivity.

A good boss is also honest with his workers. If there is bad news, he lets them know in a timely manner, rather than letting them guess what is going on.

An effective supervisor does all he can to help bring an underperforming employee up to par. But if all efforts fail and the person has to be terminated, the supervisor understands how painful an event this is for a worker. The supervisor delivers the news in person and in private.

To be a good boss, he or she also needs to acknowledge when he makes a mistake and be accountable for it, not attempt to cover it up or shift the blame. When a mistake is made, he admits it and immediately works to correct it.

A good boss knows how to delegate responsibility to his or her workers, and he trusts them to get the job done. He knows that micromanaging does not work all that well because different people have different ways of doing things, and all are effective. Ordering people to do things a certain way may not have very productive results.

And when problems arise, a good boss takes care of them right away, without letting them fester.

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