Morning Mastery - Yes it's a Thing!

 As soon as the alarm goes off... Count Down 5...4...3...2...1 THEN Jump out of bed!

As soon as the alarm goes off... Count Down 5...4...3...2...1 THEN Jump out of bed!

Try This: No Snooze Button

Recent research has shown that one thing many successful people have in common is a morning routine. Getting off to a good start has an influence on the rest of the day.

A simple daily routine may not seem like much, but it can really contribute to our success. How we spend our days, after all, is how we spend out lives. With that in mind, what can you do to get your day off to the best start possible?


Check Out Mel Robbins... She has great insights on how to get your day started!

1. Watch what you eat.

You may wake up in the morning, take a shower, grab some toast and coffee, and set to work. But a short while later you begin to feel like you should have stayed in bed. The problem may be in what you are eating. Foods like toast and muffins or other carbohydrates are good for a quick energy boost, but they don’t last. What you get is an energy spike, and then you feel tired after the spike has passed. A breakfast heavy in protein is not good either – it taxes your digestive system, again causing a feeling of lethargy.

The best foods to give you a more sustained and consistent energy boost are fruits and foods like oatmeal. They release their glucose into the bloodstream more gradually, helping you to avoid the post-breakfast letdown.

2. Do some other activity before you start working.

It could be something like exercising or meditation. This will help you to get focused and mentally and physically ready to jump into work.

3. Do the important stuff first.

Whatever matters most to you, make it part of your morning routine. It should be the first thing you get to. Mornings are when you are the most fresh and energetic, so it makes sense to do the important stuff then.


Plus, this way you make sure you get done what really matters. For one entrepreneur, working on his book was the most important task for him. He did it the first thing each day. Everything else that he did during the day was simply icing on the cake to him because he knew he had already done what mattered most to him.

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