How to Have Good Body Language at the Interview

According to hiring managers, about one-third of job candidates display body language that hinders their chances of landing a job.

Eye contact and facial expressions are the behaviors that influence hiring managers the most, according to a survey by a California staffing firm. These are followed in order by a person’s posture, his or her handshake, repeated movements and hand gestures.

While a candidate’s verbal responses are the most important factor in choosing a job candidate, his or her body language is almost as significant, according to career counselors. Job candidates need to do everything they can to get a job offer, and that means making sure they avoid body language that can send the wrong impression.


Here are a few things to watch out for during the interview.

1. Handshake
When you shake hands, you want to make sure you have a firm grip, without squeezing too hard. The handshake should last no longer than a few seconds.

2. Mirror the interviewer
You don’t want to make it too obvious, but you should attempt to mirror the body language of the interviewer. This will help you to establish a rapport with him or her.
Make sure you have good posture. Sit up straight and lean forward slightly to give the impression of interest and confidence.

3. Smile
A smile goes a long way toward creating a positive impression.

4. Eye contact
Maintain eye contact with the interviewer as you are talking. If you are talking with more than one person, shift your body so that you are facing him or her directly as you speak. Look away from time to time so it does not seem like you are staring at the person, which may make you look too aggressive.

5. Watch your body movements
In other words, don’t fidget in your seat. Avoid tapping your fingers, playing with your hair or pen. It is good to use hand gestures occasionally, as long as you don’t overdo it and they become distracting. Also, avoid crossing your arms, as this gives the impression of being rude and aloof.

Practice your interview answers with a friend, and ask him or her to also keep an eye on your body language.

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